Chattanooga Tennessee Personal Trainer - 1-On-1 Personal Training

“1-On-1… the best!!!! I look forward to the tremendous workouts each week. Adam knows what he is doing and inspires me to continue to improve.”

Landon S., 70

“Adam is absolutely amazing! If you are seriously looking to get fit, this is the guy for you! From 1-On-1 training to personalized meal plans; I wouldn’t recommend anyone else.”

Melody H., 27

“I have been going three times a week since October and I have seen amazing results! I love going and Amanda is amazing! Adam and Amanda are so friendly and truly care about helping you. I always look forward to my workouts! 1-On-1 is the best!!”

Shelby G., 25

“Choosing Adam Seiler as my Personal Trainer and nutritionist was the best investment I EVER made on myself! I recommend to anyone who wants to have a complete body transformation. Thanks Adam!”

Alex W, 39

“Adam will kick your butt and make you change your diet. If you’re like me, then change is what is best. Thanks, Adam!”

Adam B, 35

“I’ve been working out with Amanda since last summer and it has been an amazing experience! Not only have I lost weight and gained confidence, I’ve learned to lead a healthier lifestyle. I highly recommend 1-on-1 Personal Training!”

Allison A, 25

“While working out with Adam, he gave me an eating and exercise plan that I adhered to faithfully. In 16 weeks 40 pounds were gone. I’m 51 now and have kept the weight off for over a year. I feel great and I’m in the best shape of my life. I didn’t go on a diet, I made a lifestyle change. I still keep a food log and that’s one of the things I find helps me the most. Thanks, Adam!”

Geff A., 51

“Absolutely the best personal trainer experience I’ve ever had!!! They not only helped me out with workouts and nutrition but also helped me manage putting it all together with my daily routine and making sure we could come up with not only a plan to get me where I wanted but also something I could stick with and maintain. A year later the 30 pounds are still gone and there was no need to worry about swimsuit season because I’m already there from last year!”

Jason D.

“5 months ago today I started working out with Adam Seiler at 1-on-1 Personal Training. I was having a hard time with my hips do to arthritis. He said he could help. Not only has it gotten rid of most of my pain but now Kathy doesn’t feel like she is married to a fat old man. I feel so much better. He doesn’t just have me working out but he is teaching me to work out the correct way so I can work out on my own and not hurt myself. Thanks Adam Seiler.”

Jay C, 57

“Because of my lifestyle change I have improved my attitude, self-esteem, and productivity as well as decreased my stress,” says Kraig Wilkinson of Imaging. He started his journey in December and has successfully lost 47 pounds. He says, “It’s nice to see the fat gone.” Also, He lost 26.5 inches, 10 inches off his waist alone. When starting your healthy lifestyle journey, measuring is one of the most vital things to do for success. Measuring can show positive results when the scales do not. This is especially true when muscle mass starts building or you do not see that big weight loss on the scales anymore. Great job, Kraig! You have stayed accountable and are a real champion for the wellness program. WE ARE PROUD OF YOU!”

Kraig W., 49

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1-On-1 Personal Training is a personal training studio specializing in “one-on-one” or group training in a private and comfortable space.